← Back to Classes  A specifically designed class to concentrate solely on speed, power and accuracy followed by a small rest interval. It will test your anaerobic energy zones to the max and pave a pathway to a fast metabolism.  

← Back to Classes A special workout designed to test you to the limit. Focusing on all energy zones and improving the body all over. Majority of classes are repetition based and will be portrayed in the AMRAP method. An extremely time efficient exercise design.

← Back to Classes A series of timed exercises, followed by very small rest. This method uses the vascular shunt mechanism and will require intense bursts of movement across different parts of the body. Very effective for beginners and people wanting to lean up.  

← Back to Classes A workout designed around the kettlebell, varied exercises stemmed from the use of a kettlebell to enable large compound movements to focus on engaging large muscle groups and increase calorie expenditure. Useful for plyometric’s and building explosive power.